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Center for Enforcement of Pseudo Science - Big Brother Food Police

Food freedom is lost if the American public believe the Food Police are the pre-eminent source of information on all matters of health and food policy. It is no coincidence that the Food Police have never met a tax, regulation, or ban that they did not support. They are using scare tactics, pseudo science, and the media to push for public policies eliminating consumer choice, to inflict draconian …

"It's Not the Government's Job" My Food. My Choice! 'Matrix' Ad Opposing Beverage & Food Taxes

Increasing taxes on specific beverages and food is un-American. But elected officials across the country continue to introduce them in the hopes of amassing more power and money. Stand against job-killing, tyrannical governmental overreach. Step up for food freedom and individual choice.

Winter Snowstorm Response: Remove Snow from our Roads, Not Salt from our Tables

Was the snowstorm that Mayor Michael Bloomberg let cripple New York a case of misplaced priorities? "Perhaps if Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent less time keeping salt off our tables and more time getting salt on the streets, New York roads might have been passable." So what is the lesson for Bloomberg and other elected officials engaged in a war on salt? City and state shutdowns can be prevented by …

Chefs speak out on looming "Salt Crimes"

Chefs are increasingly worried about government intervention. "It's my career," said Michael Ferraro, Executive Chef of The Delicatessen. Jason Hall, Chef de Cuisine of Gotham Bar and Grill, recognizes the threat to culinary freedom advocates of the Bland New World pose. "I don't know how they would police it," said Hall. "Are they going to come in with salt probes?"

Experts call salt reduction plans one big experiment

Your food might suddenly start to taste, well a little less flavorful. Thousands of food products and restaurants will be affected if the Food and Drug Administration imposes new onerous restrictions. The FDA is considering establishing a legal limit on the amount of salt in food prepared by restaurants, manufacturers and food service companies...essentially controlling your consumption. It's …

Stop the Food Police

The food police are on a march around the country. Elected officials and health czars have waged a war to control what we eat by hitting us where it hurts most...our wallets. In New York, the ban on bake sales hurts our children's fundraising efforts. The proposed tax on beverages forces us to pay even more at the checkout counter. And a proposed bill criminalizing salt threatens to cripple …