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Salt Tax Recommended by Scientists Despite Lack of Research

Researchers out of Harvard University’s School of Medicine issued an utterly ridiculous recommendation this past week calling for a ‘tobacco-style’ tax on products containing salt. According to ‘preliminary’ research, they say a salt tax would lower the rates of cardiovascular disease in populations across developing countries. As reported by FoodNavigator.com, […]

Taking the Food Police seriously?

Nothing gets the Food Police revved up these days more than sugar and salt. But with a record of proposing draconian bans, causing pointless worry, and overlooking the facts, “Should anyone take these people seriously?” In a column at The Daily Caller, Rick Berman summarizes the decades long war these […]

Study: Salt is GOOD…Major Food Police Myth Dispelled by Facts

The next time you hear government officials propose population wide salt reduction plans, introduce legislation to ban chefs from using salt in restaurants, or force companies like Walmart to dramatically alter the amount of salt in product recipes, or any other absurd measure that not only demonstrates government overreach but […]

jdnews.com: After salt what’s next? Hot sauce?

A NEW YORK politician wants to mandate the amount of salt restaurants in that city can add to dishes on their menus. The Institute of Medicine calls for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to establish standards for the addition of salt to products sold in grocery stores. Salt, it seems, is […]

CEI: FDA Salt Initiative Leaves Bitter Aftertaste

Washington, D.C., April 20 – Statement of Daniel Compton, Policy Analyst, on the Food and Drug Administration’splans to impose legal restrictions on the amount of salt in processed food: The FDA claims that this unprecedented federal initiative will lower rates of heart disease and hypertension in America. However, scientific research shows […]

HotAir:NYC Health Department’s Obamaesque Power Grab

What do New York City Health Department Commissioner Thomas Farley and President Barack Obama have in common? Far, far too much, it is beginning to seem. It is even beginning to look more like an act of Obama-ordained “providence” and less a coincidence that Farley’s appointment to the job in […]