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The First Foolish ‘Fat Tax’

In a pre-emptive effort to stave off obesity, the Danish government has imposed a tax on “fatty” products. No one can prove it will work or what the consequences will be to the public’s health and the economy. The only thing we do know for sure: Denmark has a Food […]

Repeal the Federal Govt Sodium Guidelines

The government’s war on salt has ranged from bill’s banning its use in restaurants to “voluntary” salt reduction schemes. At each point, the American public has rejected the intervention of government. (We documented this sentiment in our first video “Stop the Food Police.”) Though unpopular, governments continue to wage an […]

Taking the Food Police seriously?

Nothing gets the Food Police revved up these days more than sugar and salt. But with a record of proposing draconian bans, causing pointless worry, and overlooking the facts, “Should anyone take these people seriously?” In a column at The Daily Caller, Rick Berman summarizes the decades long war these […]

‘Dietary Despots’ Gaining Power

While the global Food Police are meeting at the United Nations this week, deciding on how they can control each country’s food manufacturing and eliminate consumer choice in the marketplace, last week the Governor of Michigan and the FDA were in a close race for the “title of Nanny of […]

Heinz Acquiescence to British Nanny State Backfires

The British government’s population wide salt reduction plan of which Heinz recently joined has completely backfired on the company. Among consumers, the taste is deplorable, and they are rejecting the sauce they beloved for 116 years: But fans of the sauce say the small change has altered the whole taste, […]

The Food Police Handbook: Obesity

When confronted with a problem, the food police turn to their handbook. So it should come as no surprise that they propose higher taxes, draconian bans, and more regulations to solve obesity. But as this article points out, these policies are rejected by the American public because of their intrusive […]

Lemonade Freedom Day! August 20th

Parents and kids, are you ready for Lemonade Freedom Day? Please join us on August 20, 2011 and set up your own lemonade stand. We need to send a message to everyone who is listening. They can not shut down the kids lemonade stands. If you do not have kids […]