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Salt Tax Recommended by Scientists Despite Lack of Research

Researchers out of Harvard University’s School of Medicine issued an utterly ridiculous recommendation this past week calling for a ‘tobacco-style’ tax on products containing salt. According to ‘preliminary’ research, they say a salt tax would lower the rates of cardiovascular disease in populations across developing countries. As reported by, […]

Food Desert Myth Exposed

According to the Food Police and their big government allies, ‘food deserts’ (the name given to areas where access to fresh, local produce is allegedly scarce) are to blame for obesity and various other public health crises. However, two new studies published this month in leading scientific journals suggest otherwise. […]

California judge dismisses Happy Meal lawsuit

In a victory for food freedom lovers everywhere, a Superior Court judged dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI, a.k.a the Food Police) on behalf of California mother, Monet Parham, who alleges that McDonald’s is “getting into my kids’ heads without my permission […]

Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to NYC Homeless Shelters

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Food Police cronies have sank to an all-time low. Expanding his taxpayer-funded war on salt, the administration is now forbidding you from donating food to government-run homeless shelters because he has to monitor the salt, fat, and calorie content of the food being […]

United Nations ‘Food Expert’ Calls for Food/Beverage Taxes, Salt Restriction, and Marketing Regulations [PRESS RELEASE]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 14, 2012 For media interviews contact Orit Sklar: (404) 931-6526 or United Nations ‘Food Expert’ Calls for Food/Beverage Taxes, Salt Restriction, and Marketing Regulations “A report by the United Nations food expert calls for governments around the world to impose punitive taxes on ‘bad’ food […]

FDA Rejects Traffic Light Food Labels Imposed on Army Troops

This week the FDA informed the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marking Institute (FMI) of its approval for the Facts Up Front program, according to This means that consumers get the facts, not interpretation by the Federal Government. But there are still areas of our society that are not […]