Californians Defeat Nanny State Beverage Tax (Again)

A bill proposing a $1.7 billion tax on beverages from soda to sports drinks failed to pass out of a California State Assembly committee. For the second time, a California State Assemblyman had his nanny state agenda scrapped. Californians win! And, defenders of individual responsibility and parental rights score a […]

State Soda Taxes, Chefs at Frat Houses, & More.

The stories that made this week’s email Straight from the Headlines. WSJ: Dude, Those Candied Walnuts Go Great at a Kegger Ken Cobb taught at culinary school, cooked at country clubs and hotels and served Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. But his audience skews much younger these days: the […]

WSJ: Soda Tax Uncaps a Fight

This is a great summary of the beverage taxes being proposed across the county and the attempts by the industry to fight them. But it fails to mention the people at the grassroots who are leading the efforts against big government, food police who are trying to control our personal […]

Kansans Against Food & Beverage Taxes

WHAT WE STAND FOR: Kansans Against Food and Beverage Taxes is a coalition of concerned individuals, businesses, and associations who oppose a tax on soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages. We make educated choices, can take care of ourselves, and want to enjoy a favorite beverage without extra fees or […]

No D.C. Beverage Tax

ATTENTION WASHINGTON D.C. CITIZENS: Did you know that the D.C. City Council is proposing a new beverage tax? That’s right, on top of the bag tax, sales tax, gas tax and even a phone tax, some City Council Members want us to pay more for sodas, teas, juice drinks and […]