The Bronx Ink: Oh My Cod! Fishmongers Cringe at Salt Ban

Saltfish, also known as cod fish, served with rice and sweet plantains is a breakfast staple in Jamaica, said head cook Beryl Barclay of Sa Lena West Indian Restaurant in the Bronx. (Astrid Baez/The Bronx Ink) In Jamaica, salted cod is enjoyed at breakfast with fruit.  Dominicans and Puerto Ricans […]

USA Today: Consumers deserve better

By Morton Satin When salt, an essential nutrient, is significantly reduced, the population’s response is mixed. About 30% experience a minor drop in blood pressure, about 20% experience a slight increase and the rest experience no change at all. So any policy that treats the population as a homogeneous mass […] After salt what’s next? Hot sauce?

A NEW YORK politician wants to mandate the amount of salt restaurants in that city can add to dishes on their menus. The Institute of Medicine calls for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to establish standards for the addition of salt to products sold in grocery stores. Salt, it seems, is […]

CEI: FDA Salt Initiative Leaves Bitter Aftertaste

Washington, D.C., April 20 – Statement of Daniel Compton, Policy Analyst, on the Food and Drug Administration’splans to impose legal restrictions on the amount of salt in processed food: The FDA claims that this unprecedented federal initiative will lower rates of heart disease and hypertension in America. However, scientific research shows […]

HotAir:NYC Health Department’s Obamaesque Power Grab

What do New York City Health Department Commissioner Thomas Farley and President Barack Obama have in common? Far, far too much, it is beginning to seem. It is even beginning to look more like an act of Obama-ordained “providence” and less a coincidence that Farley’s appointment to the job in […]