Salt Tax Recommended by Scientists Despite Lack of Research

Researchers out of Harvard University’s School of Medicine issued an utterly ridiculous recommendation this past week calling for a ‘tobacco-style’ tax on products containing salt. According to ‘preliminary’ research, they say a salt tax would lower the rates of cardiovascular disease in populations across developing countries. As reported by, […]

Researchers: Tax and Prohibit Sales of Sugar

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco published an utterly reckless report calling for the government to regulate sugar as they do alcohol and tobacco. This study reeks of typical Food Police tactics: 1) a flawed study, 2) outrageous scare tactics, and 3) draconian government control. This isn’t the […]

Stop Washington bureaucrats from deciding how your food tastes!

ACTION ALERT: Don’t wait another minute. Make your voice heard. Submit your comment now! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have initiated a public comment period on population-wide sodium reduction. For decades, Food Police activists have waged an unscientific war on salt, […]

Repeal the Federal Govt Sodium Guidelines

The government’s war on salt has ranged from bill’s banning its use in restaurants to “voluntary” salt reduction schemes. At each point, the American public has rejected the intervention of government. (We documented this sentiment in our first video “Stop the Food Police.”) Though unpopular, governments continue to wage an […]

Heinz Acquiescence to British Nanny State Backfires

The British government’s population wide salt reduction plan of which Heinz recently joined has completely backfired on the company. Among consumers, the taste is deplorable, and they are rejecting the sauce they beloved for 116 years: But fans of the sauce say the small change has altered the whole taste, […]

The Absurdity of Some Government Intervention

Companies that cave to political pressure might find themselves reversing course when they start listening to consumers: As you may have heard, McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it’s revamping its Happy Meals to include apples or other fruit as standard instead of an option, make milk the beverage unless a customer […]