WNY researcher shakes up nutrition world

We can all agree that ‘too much’ of almost anything is probably bad for you. The problem, however, lies with those intent on being the judge, jury, an executioner in deciding FOR us just how much is TOO much.

Aside from the problems that come with total strangers presuming we aren’t capable of making our own choices there is that pesky little issue of medical and scientific studies that routinely contradict each other.

Consider this piece from The Buffalo News:

Forget what you think you know about salt.

A leading cardiovascular research scientist from Western New York is among those who say the mineral got a bad rap four decades ago when it was lumped in with nutritional warnings about eating too much fat and sugar.

“We never demonized an essential mineral – ever – until we demonized salt,” said James DiNicolantonio, author of “The Salt Fix,” released this week at bookstores and online.

A growing body of research suggests medical advice many Americans have heeded to cut back on salt has been one of the drivers of obesity, diabetes and heart attack rates, according to DiNicolantonio. The proper amount of salt, he said, can ward off sugar cravings, ease chronic illness and improve sports performance.

While it is important that consumers be well-informed about the products they consume, the ultimate decision about which ones to choose is theirs – alone – to make.

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Source: WNY researcher shakes up nutrition world with new book on salt – The Buffalo News

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