Salt of the earth

Who could have ever imagined the day would come when there would be such a thing as “designer salt”?

[…] it comes from all over the place, in different colors and sizes, and you sprinkle it on with the fingers, because these finishing or exotic or designer salts can cost an arm and a leg. […] there are those that do, like the Maldon salt from England and the pink Himalayan salts that come in several crystal grades (and cost more per ounce than a pound of ordinary table salt). […] a shopper could spend a half hour choosing a salt, especially if they read carefully. Damiano says he recently coordinated a pizza workshop where cooks used a finishing salt from the Cape May Sea Salt Co. (as in New Jersey) that paired well with the vegetable toppings. […] he says he’s seen celebrity chefs showcase finishing salts and heard of 15 different salts being brought “to the table” for a steak house tasting dinner. Kamen, who was on the CIA faculty for many years and now works in its consulting department, is a sort of salt scientist, someone who’s thought about salt and even done experiments with it. The bottom line for cooking with salt, and what is taught in CIA classes, Kamen says, is that salt is like the volume knob on the flavor that’s already there. The correlation between sodium intake and blood pressure is stronger than the correlation between lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease, she says. The chef at New Milford Hospital, which is known for its “plow-to-plate” program, uses kosher salt or sea salt in all recipes that call for table salt.

Source: Salt of the earth

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