Salt Awareness Week Perpetuates Misguided Approach to Hypertension

You can’t believe everything you read in the paper or see on TV when it comes do what’s best for your body.

The main danger in this relentless anti-sodium campaign is that some of the people who try to reduce sodium but fail will simply give up, not knowing that there are other routes to blood pressure reduction. That’s a problem, considering that eating less salt isn’t as easy as you might think. From the dawn of sodium research, experts have noted the difficulty of getting patients and subjects to adhere to low-salt diets. This is due, at least in part, to a biological drive to consume salt, which is vital to human survival. Without it, the body can’t transmit electrical signals or retain fluids, conditions which lead to malfunction and death. Of course, unlike our ancestors, modern humans live in an environment where salt isn’t scarce.

Source: Salt Awareness Week Perpetuates Misguided Approach to Hypertension | Competitive Enterprise Institute

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