Obama’s Food for Thought

Not everyone is heeding the advice of First Lady Michelle Obama and her pro-government control ‘Let’s Move’ campaign.

..even her own husband! This month President Obama, touring the country in support of his bid for reelection in November, has been spotted numerous times indulging in local fare. In a recent campaign stop in Atlanta, he visited the famous Varsity restaurant and placed an order that would make any glutton proud. USA Today reports,

“He’s already known for his fast food runs, so of course President Obama would visit The Varsity during today’s trip to Atlanta. Obama paid cash for a to-go order of five chili dogs, four regular dogs and a cheeseburger. Located across the highway from Georgia Tech, The Varsity is one of the great fast food emporiums of America, serving up dogs, burgers and other goodies since 1928.”

But this was not a one time splurge. At another campaign stop in New Hampshire, the President and his press secretary made a surprise stop for ice cream at the University of New Hampshire Dairy Bar. ABC News reports,

“The president then ordered ice cream for his staff, teasing White House press secretary Jay Carney for having a very large appetite. “Have you guys ever seen Carney eat? It’s unbelievable,” he said. Obama ordered Carney a banana split and a hot fudge sundae for himself.”

The Obamas have a long history of lecturing people on what to eat, but not necessarily following their own advice. Perhaps this is a classic case of ‘do as I say and not as I do’? President Obama and the rest of the Food Police should not have double standards when it comes to the public’s health. Campaign stops like this make it ever apparent that their only mission is to limit, ban or regulate our consumer freedom while flaunting their power and control behind the veil of so-called ‘healthy living’.

Continue reading at USA Today and ABC News.

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