Will NYC ban Milkshakes and Popcorn?

New York City’s Board of Health has decided Bloomberg’s soda ban does not go far enough in controlling what and how much you eat.

After approving Bloomberg’s large soda ban, numerous board members took the opportunity to suggest the inclusion of other items. CBS News reports,

“Certain members spoke up saying that the proposal should include other items. Board member Bruce Vladeck questioned why large tubs of popcorn were not included in the ban, according to the New York Daily News. Another member, Dr. Joel Forman, pointed out that even 100 percent juice and milk-containing beverages have large amounts of calories and should not be excluded.”

Now milk, juice and corn are the new targets? When Bloomberg first began his war on salt, we knew there was no limit to his infringement on food freedom. Now he is passing one invasive control measure after another with the full support of his ‘health’ board and the rest of the Food Police, but not necessarily the residents of New York City. A recent poll found that this taxpayer funded war on consumer choice is not even supported by a majority. CBS News continues,

“The plan has polarized the city. According to a recent poll of 500 New Yorkers, 53 percent said the proposal is a bad idea, HealthPop reported. Many said that they didn’t think the plan would help people lose weight, and more than half had never bought a beverage size that would be banned under the proposal.”

Mayor Bloomberg has become infamous across the country for his taxpayer funded fight against food freedom: limiting or even banning ingredients, restricting products available for purchase, taxing food and beverages, and running public ad campaigns demonizing normal ingredients and products without scientific evidence to support his wildly inaccurate claims. Now, with NYC’s Board of Health in full support, there is no telling how far this crusade will go.

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