Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to NYC Homeless Shelters

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Food Police cronies have sank to an all-time low. Expanding his taxpayer-funded war on salt, the administration is now forbidding you from donating food to government-run homeless shelters because he has to monitor the salt, fat, and calorie content of the food being served. You see just as Bloomberg believed he could stop food stamp recipients from buying beverages other than water, he believes he should the run the lives of the homeless. Is anyone asking why Bloomberg preys on the most needy in our society?

A mayoral task force and the Department of Homeless Services have joined forces to go beyond just dictating the nutritional standards at the city’s shelters. As Jeff Stier writes in a column for the New York Post:

“DHS Commissioner Seth Diamond says the ban on food donations is consistent with Mayor Bloomberg’s emphasis on improving nutrition for all New Yorkers. A new interagency document controls what can be served at facilities — dictating serving sizes as well as salt, fat and calorie contents, plus fiber minimums and condiment recommendations. The city also cites food-safety issues with donations, but it’s clear that the real driver behind the ban is the Bloomberg dietary diktats.”

It seems Bloomberg will go to any means necessary to force his nanny state agenda, even if it entails also limiting food for those who only have it in short supply. This goes beyond big government’s attempts to dictate homeless people’s food choices; the Bloomberg administration is now taking away our ability to provide charity through the donation of homemade goods to the less fortunate.

“It’s not just that the donations offer an enjoyable addition to the ‘official’ low-salt fare; knowing that the food comes from volunteers and community members warms their hearts, not just their stomachs.”

A local CBS affiliate reports of Bloomberg’s latest move towards complete food control.

This isn’t the first time New Yorkers have been outraged at the absurdity of this type of government intervention. Hear what they had to say about Mayor Bloomberg’s war on salt.

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