United Nations ‘Food Expert’ Calls for Food/Beverage Taxes, Salt Restriction, and Marketing Regulations [PRESS RELEASE]

March 14, 2012

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United Nations ‘Food Expert’ Calls for Food/Beverage Taxes, Salt Restriction, and Marketing Regulations

“A report by the United Nations food expert calls for governments around the world to impose punitive taxes on ‘bad’ food and drinks, restrict salt consumption, and strongly regulate food marketing. This underscores that what the UN refers to as ‘right to food’ are actually code words for the end of ‘food freedom,’” says Orit Sklar, founder and executive director of the grassroots coalition My Food. My Choice!.

“Unfortunately, the United Nations continues to propose tyrannical measures that disregard scientific studies refuting the efficacy of their public health policies to combat obesity and disrespect the idea of free people and individual liberty,” Sklar says. “There’s no consensus among experts that taxing soda or junk food, instituting population-wide salt reduction, or restricting food marketing to children will solve obesity. However, we do have a growing body of evidence that suggests these initiatives are myopic and in the case of salt reduction potentially harmful. And, when it comes to children, government cannot be a substitute for parental involvement.”

“With United Nations bureaucrats – and U.S. elected officials who cater to the Food Police – more interested in dictating our diets than empowering individuals to make their own choices, food freedom is more at risk than ever,” Sklar says.

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