Chefs, Experts Agree: Government Sodium Reduction ‘Misguided’

As we ring in the new year, we’re reminded of the numerous attempts by the Food Police (a.k.a. the government) to pass baseless public health policies limiting salt usage in restaurants in 2011. But according to chefs and experts alike, these efforts to control what we consume may be misguided.

An article in The Atlantic by cardiologist and chef Michael Fenster reads, “This mandate might be debatable if the evidence between current amounts of sodium consumption and an increased risk of morbidity and mortality was incontrovertible. It is not. It remains at present inconclusive.”

The article continues “The assumption is…made that by reducing dietary sodium we will reduce hypertension and thus reduce these untoward effects. This has not been demonstrably or conclusively shown, but it makes for great slogans, off the cuff advice, and lazy recommendations. It also makes for poor publicly mandated policy.”

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Fenster is not the only one talking about the lack of true science in the war on salt. Hear what other chefs and experts have to say:

For more information on the numerous studies published in peer-reviewed journals in 2011 concerning the health benefits of salt or the significant risk of a low sodium diet, check out this article in the Brighton Pittsford Post.

Your input is needed! If you don’t want the federal government to dictate how your food tastes, submit an official comment to the Federal Register against population-wide sodium reduction today!