New Video Questions the Pseudo Science-Big Brother Food Police

The global Food Police will convene at the United Nations High-Level Summit on NCDs (UNS) in September to decide how to use the power and scope of governments to control our diets, prompting our coalition to produce a video suggesting it is paramount Americans take a more critical look at the Food Police claims and proposals emanating not only in the coming days from the U.N. but also those working in concert with our own federal, state, and local governments.

Food freedom is lost if the American public believe the Food Police are the pre-eminent source of information on all matters of health and food policy. It is no coincidence that the Food Police have never met a tax, regulation, or ban that they did not support. They are using scare tactics, pseudo science, and the media to push for public policies eliminating consumer choice, to inflict draconian measures in an attempt to control our lives. A thorough examination, or simple questioning, of the Food Police is necessary and far overdue.

My Food. My Choice! strongly believes that the partnership between the Food Police and government will lead to a greater assault on our individual liberties if left unchecked. If the state can control what we eat, there is nothing the state can’t control,” Sklar adds. “My Food. My Choice! is the citizen-led counterweight to local and national government bullies who’ve decided that the path to unlimited power is through our stomachs.