It’s the Calories, Stupid: Food police target potatoes with “research” dismissing calories (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)

“The new study in the New England Journal of Medicine that scapegoats specific foods made with potatoes as the weight-gaining culprit is severely flawed. At best Americans believe it defies all common sense and at worst confuses Americans about the utmost important role calories play in our diets by conflicting with proven scientific evidence,” says Orit Sklar, national spokeswoman for the consumer coalition My Food. My Choice!.

“Calories are the determining factor in whether or not Americans lose or gain pounds. If it was not simply about calories, the respected professor of nutrition Mark Haub would not have lost 27 pounds on his well-publicized diet of Twinkies, candy bars, sugary cereals, cookies, etc. – all of the ‘specific foods’ that these researchers demonize. Not only did he lose a dramatic amount of weight but his health had never been better.”

“The scientific community is as dominated by the ‘food police’ as government, seeking ways to manipulate individuals’ choices by demonizing, taxing, or banning particular foods and drinks, which is why our grassroots coalition produced an educational video emphasizing that ‘It’s not the government’s job.’ One does not have to look further than the new government ‘food plate,’ another misleading effort that replaced the fundamentally flawed ‘food pyramid’ that stood for decades as the model for consumption,” Sklar says.

“My Food. My Choice! believes the growing campaign to ban certain foods or tax them off the market by local and state governments— also fostered by the White House and various federal agencies— is yet another assault on our individual liberties. If the state can control what we eat, there is nothing the state can’t control,” Sklar adds. “My Food. My Choice!, and our 16,000 and growing Facebook community, is the citizen-led counterweight to local and national government bullies who’ve decided that the path to unlimited power is through our stomachs. We hope our new educational video serves as a Paul Revere-like warning to Americans everywhere.”



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