State Soda Taxes, Chefs at Frat Houses, & More.

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WSJ: Dude, Those Candied Walnuts Go Great at a Kegger

Ken Cobb taught at culinary school, cooked at country clubs and hotels and served Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. But his audience skews much younger these days: the frat brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Southern Methodist University. UGA football players discovering they are what they don’t eat

During the week, players are told to send in photos of three meals per day and can only eat once it’s approved. It’s similar to when the staff does class attendance checks. “If they don’t like what you have on your plate, you kind of just have to throw it away and go get something a little healthy,” receiver Tavarres King said.

Center for Consumer Freedom: Marathon Runner Powered by Fast Food and Willpower

A fit and trim 36-year-old marathon runner will have consumed 30 days’ worth of fast-food—from breakfast through dinner—by the time the starter gun sounds at Sunday’s Los Angeles Marathon. Whether it’s his intention or not, Joe D’Amico is effectively countering food scolds’ incessant claims that fast-food is to blame for America’s obesity epidemic by fueling himself with plenty of it.

AJC: Tenn. pizza delivery driver saves regular customer

On Monday, Guy said her boss told her Wilson hadn’t called in three days. Guy insisted on going to check on the woman. When no one came to the door, Guy asked a neighbor whether he’d seen Wilson and then called 911. Police broke the door down and found Wilson on the floor. She’d fallen Saturday and couldn’t get to a phone to call for help. Investigators said it’s possible her pizza-heavy diet may have saved her life.

Boston Globe: Soda industry pours criticism onto soda tax idea

Rhode Island’s beverage industry is pouring criticism on a legislative proposal to tax sugary soda. Executives and workers from soda companies, bottlers and grocery stores told lawmakers Wednesday that a proposed 1-cent per ounce tax on sugared soft drinks would cost consumers and businesses already struggling during an economic downturn. The tax would not apply to diet sodas. Democratic State Rep. Edith (ah-JELLO’) of Providence sponsored the bill. She wants the revenue generated by the tax to fund public health efforts to fight obesity.

Texas Watchdog: Texas state Sen. Eddie Lucio’s proposed soda tax 6 times the tax on same amount of beer

State Sen. Eddie Lucio has a tax for you, but he wants you to know it’s for your own good. Aren’t all taxes? Every time you pop the tab on that icy cold Barq’s root beer think how much better it will taste paying the state 12 cents more to drink it, should the Legislature approve the new soda tax proposed by Lucio, D-Brownsville, according to today’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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