WSJ: Soda Tax Uncaps a Fight

This is a great summary of the beverage taxes being proposed across the county and the attempts by the industry to fight them. But it fails to mention the people at the grassroots who are leading the efforts against big government, food police who are trying to control our personal lives through taxes, bans, regulations, etc.


Makers and sellers of soda and other sweet drinks have intensified a fight against proposed taxes on their products, as a growing number of cities and states are weighing the measures to help fill depleted coffers.

A soft-drink bottler offered what it called a $10 million good-will-gesture donation for health and recreation programs in Philadelphia, as city officials there considered a proposal for an excise tax to help plug a budget hole and fight obesity. The tax, proposed by Philadelphia’s Democratic Mayor Michael Nutter, would amount to two cents an ounce on soda and other sweet drinks.

Industry officials are also considering trying to organize a referendum in Washington state to repeal a three-year excise tax on carbonated beverages of two cents on every 12 ounces.