LegislativeGazette.com: Food industry awaits final word on beverage fee

Retailers are afraid the proposed soda tax would affect their local businesses and say it is not fair to consumers who buy these beverages in moderation. Photo by AP.

The business community has not been happy since what they see as a dark cloud — the governor’s proposed tax on sugar-sweetened beverages — began looming over the state.

Even though the proposed tax was not included in either the Assembly or Senate’s budget resolutions, retailers say they will continue to protest the tax until the issue has been resolved and excluded from the final 2010-2011 state budget.

New York State Association of Convenience Stores President Jim Calvin said the association is encouraged to see that both houses of the Legislature have deemed it fit to exclude the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages from their budget resolutions. Nevertheless, he admits that what the final decision will be is unknown.